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Aromatic Body Treatment

Aromatic Body Scrub Sea salt peeling, Personal Wellness Treatment Fine sea salt crystals smooth rough and scaly body parts. Jojoba-oil maintains and relaxes particularly the dry skin which feels velvet-softy and cultivated after the treatment. The aromatic oils provide for a wellness feeling. For every skin type.

Choose one of the following treatments which adapt to the needs and tastes of clients: Aroma-Detox Body Treatment, Aroma-Flow Body Treatment, Aroma-Tonic Body Treatment and Aroma-Relax Body Treatment. Massage with aromatic balm, gain targeted effects, such as toxin-eliminating, extra-nourishing, moisturizing and smoothing. Remark: Clients can choose any one of the followings.

30 minutes$50.00

45 minutes$70.00

60 minutes$90.00

90 minutes$120.00

120 minutes$150.00

150 minutes$180.00

Aroma-Flow Body Treatment

Suitable for: tired and dropsy on legs, tiredness

Action: Accelerate blood circulation, replenish missing energy, alleviate heaviness on legs, and restore vitality.

Aroma-Tonic Body Treatment

Suitable for: mature skin, sagging skin without elasticity, flabby skin after slimming

Action: Moisturize & tighten the skin, increase elasticity, diminish and prevent wrinkles & flex wrinkles, prevent ageing of body skin, lighten complexion and smooth skin.

Aroma- Detox Body Treatment

Suitable for: dropsical obesity, easily tired persons, body detox

Action: Rich in seaweed minerals and phytoessence, it is targeted for fat and flabby tissue. Accelerate metabolism and removal of excessive fat and protect fibre tissue. Suitable for slimming and whitening treatment.

Aroma-Relax Body Treatment

Suitable for: problem in circulation system, tiredness, serious algidity and skin-whitening

Action: Combined with warm whitening mask, it works on whole body, purifies skin, eliminates tiredness and stress, relaxes and restores vitality.

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