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Marine Slimming


The body is generously exfoliated and covered in Laminaria seaweed from Brittany, drawing out its mineral-rich intensity and powerful action to aid slimming. Minerals and trace elements boost the body’s combustion mechanism resulting in a visibly slimmer figure.


Slimming Balneology


This seaweed cream and seawater bath reproduces the exceptional benefits of a rejuvenating soak in the sea around Brittany containing brown seaweeds which has an abundance of minerals and stimulates the slimming process.


Triple-Action Slimming


This wrap combines a cocktail of seaweeds each bringing its own unique benefits. With its slimming, detoxifying and firming actions, this treatment is a comprehensive slimming solution.

80 minutes$150.00

Linea Pnotilo

 Marine salts from the Mediterranean basin and essential oils both contained in a treatment which include as well thermo-active ingredients for strong blood circulation stimulation. Indicated for skin with skin blemishes caused by cellulite.

Active ingredients and efficacy:

- Mediterranean salts: for s smoothing effect and an osmotic action;

- Red apple extract;

- Bergamot, lime, cardamom, sage and grape-fruit essential oils: for a draining stimulation in the most affected areas;

- Vegetable extracts from butcher's broom, guarana, lemon: for a modeling action;

- Organic silicon:toning action.

80 minutes$180.00

Pnotilo (phytocosmetici)

 1st Theme: purifying - absorbing - regenerating action NO-TOX

80 minutes$160.00

2nd Theme: slimming - reducing action ADIP-EX

80 minutes$130.00

3rd Theme: revitalizing, redensifying and lifting action LIFT-UP

80 minutes$180.00

Any of the above Three Treatments Special Package

80 minutes(6/Times) $720.00


 reducing, anti cellulite*, redensifying

It provides luxurious and effective stimulation for your skin. Sophisticated massage strokes inspired by ancient eastern knowledge result in new-found sculptured body shape; heat from the earth relieves tension and relaxes joints.

90 minutes$220.00

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