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Effective for eczema and acne, it enhances oxygen supply to skin. The special formula strengthens skin formation and basic functions especially for oily, acne and combination skin. It helps to relieve itchiness and to protect the skin from free radicals.

55 minutes$65

Prepay Package$400 for 8 Times


Effective for eczema and acne, it enhances oxygen supply to skin. The special formula strengthens skin formation and basic functions especially for oily, acne and combination skin. It helps to relieve itchiness and to protect the skin from free radicals.

75 minutes$118


Products specifically formulated for skin imperfections (dilated pores, shine, bumps and blemishes), rebalancing sebaceous secretions and, where necessary, diminishing irritation thanks to the action of its organic pineapple and white willow vegetable complex; hyaluronic acid maintains the skin hydrated and soft and absorbent silver powder guarantees a matt finish that lasts throughout the day.

Balance is recommended as an SOS for all normal skin types afflicted by imperfections at certain times, caused by stress, genetic predisposition or hormonal imbalances. All the products are specially formulated for the physiology of the skin and are dermatologically tested, ideal even for irritated skin.

75 minutes$110

Prepay Package:$600 for 6 Times


The skin’s water content is fundamental for keeping it looking smooth and compact. The products in this line combine emollient substances that stop deep-down moisture loss with water-retaining substances.

75 minutes$110


Complete anti-age treatment to preserve the good condition of skin that is showing its first lines. It contains effective substances and vitamins that maintain and improve the skin’s condition, together with ingredients that moisturise and protect from oxidative stress.

90 minutes$160


Yuzu Vitamin C line is the ideal solution for protecting the skin from free radicals and therefore from oxidation and for guaranteeing a regenerating effect on skins stressed by different factors that would cause early ageing. Your face looks wonderfully radiant, toned and energised.

90 minutes$138

Prepay Package:$800 for 8 Times


The cosmeceutical line that regularises melanin production, combating dull skin and uneven colour. Your face looks radiant, with even colouring and smooth skin. Environmental pollution, incorrect exposure to the sun’s rays and hormonal imbalances are some of the major causes of an uneven appearance. Skin thickens and dulls, it takes on a grey colour and may even have blemishes. The solution is White Moon professional treatment followed by products for home use made from 97% PURE GLABRIDINE, Symphytum officinalis, Arctium lappa, Glycyrrhiza glabra and an AHA complex: a pool of plant-origin active principles with an innovative texture for a global shield effect that also protects.

90 minutes$138


The very latest biotechnological innovation at the service of professional dermocosmetology. The cultivation in vitro of plant stem cells, from a precious plant such as Buddleja davidii (Butterfly Bush), enables the maximum potential of the plant world to be used: the revitalising stem cells are pure, of unlimited availability, guaranteed high concentration at all times and free from pollutants and above all from pesticides. Researchers have enhanced this action by combining it with nanotechnology: heptapeptide-9 nano-conjugated with gold particles.

100 minutes$168

Good Feeling

Delicate, fair skin which has naturally fragile capillaries, conditioned by the elements (sudden variations in temperature, wind, sun, cold, heat and pollution), with redness that can, with time, develop into couperose.

90 minutes$150

3D 360° Face Lifting (RF)

The avant-garde treatment with active ingredients combine with Oligo-peptide material, gives a genuine 3 dimensional lifting. Resulting from Sensol’s latest cosmetology discoveries, it tightens skin by stimulating Collagen Productions for an immediate and long lasting lifting effect and reshaping the perfect face outline.


Instant Lightening - Say No to *Melanin* (RF)

The unique technology which targets to reduce the appearance of dark spots, while a combination of DermaLight? Complex & SeCollegen? Complex helps even and brightening the complexion. The Light Up? Program leaves skin hydrated, revealing flawless skin tone and exceptional luminosity.

120 minutes$150


Delivery 99% high-concentrated serum into each layer of skin with Nano penetration technology and 4 types of DNA electroporation systems. Visibly reduces existing pigmentation spot, regenerates the tissues to firm and smooth skin and prevents appear acne of new one and It was found that the absorption rate of Electroporation therapy is 4000 times higher than normal.

90 minutes$130


O2jet Program combines with oxygen injection and spray technology, which reduces the intensity of the muscle contractions. Highly-effective Collagen amplifiers tighten and support the skin; lighten unattractive pigment spots, protection from sunlight slows down melanin production and lightens existing dark spots. Gentle and effectively prevent and treat age spots and pigment problem; promote the new formation of collagen and the growth of new cells, enhance skin elasticity and tone which gives a fresh and younger look.

90 minutes$160


Cell Recovery Program is based on “NOs” and DNA Recovery theories, which was specially formulated to prevent and reduce the undesired side-effect of invasive treatment, such as IPL, LASER, RF and MRS. Improves overall skin conditions and prolongs desired treatment effects. Furthermore, these effective products are safe with maximum moisture and minimum irritation; revitalize skin with undamaged, protected, deeply hydrated, get brighter and healthier skin. It can also be used daily as resistance from harmful effects caused by “Nos”.

120 minutes$228


This breakthrough eye treatment kit provides the total solution for repairing skin damage around the delicate eye area. Significantly smooth the look of your eye area with all the groundbreaking, targeted SENSOL technology of Anti-Nos ComplexTM. Smooth it on and instantly brighten the look of dark circles. Keep your skin perfectly hydrated. You'll see a younger, more revitalized look return. A clinical test showed skin feels up to 60% softer with just one application.

60 minutes$75

Seaweed THALI'WHITE CX Brightening Care

Incomparable brightening action with amazing textures and sensations. The result is exceptional from the first treatment.

90 minutes$130

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