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Complete anti-age treatment to preserve the good condition of skin that is showing its first lines. It contains effective substances and vitamins that maintain and improve the skin’s condition, together with ingredients that moisturise and protect from oxidative stress.

Active ingredients and efficacy:

Biotechnologically produced beta-glucan, vitamins A, E, and PP, biotechnological hyaluronic acid, extract of equisetum arvense. Protects against lines, stimulates and counteracts the changes to which mature skin is prone.

The skin’s water content is fundamental for keeping it looking smooth and compact. The products in this line combine emollient substances that stop deep-down moisture loss with water-retaining substances.

Products specifically formulated for skin imperfections (dilated pores, shine, bumps and blemishes), rebalancing sebaceous secretions and, where necessary, diminishing irritation thanks to the action of its organic pineapple and white willow vegetable complex; hyaluronic acid maintains the skin hydrated and soft and absorbent silver powder guarantees a matt finish that lasts throughout the day.

Balance is recommended as an SOS for all normal skin types afflicted by imperfections at certain times, caused by stress, genetic predisposition or hormonal imbalances. All the products are specially formulated for the physiology of the skin and are dermatologically tested, ideal even for irritated skin.

Yuzu Vitamin C line is the ideal solution for protecting the skin from free radicals and therefore from oxidation and for guaranteeing a regenerating effect on skins stressed by different factors that would cause early ageing. Your face looks wonderfully radiant, toned and energised.

The cosmeceutical line that regularises melanin production, combating dull skin and uneven colour. Your face looks radiant, with even colouring and smooth skin. Environmental pollution, incorrect exposure to the sun’s rays and hormonal imbalances are some of the major causes of an uneven appearance. Skin thickens and dulls, it takes on a grey colour and may even have blemishes. The solution is White Moon professional treatment followed by products for home use made from 97% PURE GLABRIDINE, Symphytum officinalis, Arctium lappa, Glycyrrhiza glabra and an AHA complex: a pool of plant-origin active principles with an innovative texture for a global shield effect that also protects.

The very latest biotechnological innovation at the service of professional dermocosmetology. The cultivation in vitro of plant stem cells, from a precious plant such as Buddleja davidii (Butterfly Bush), enables the maximum potential of the plant world to be used: the revitalising stem cells are pure, of unlimited availability, guaranteed high concentration at all times and free from pollutants and above all from pesticides. Researchers have enhanced this action by combining it with nanotechnology: heptapeptide-9 nano-conjugated with gold particles.
Good Feeling

Delicate, fair skin which has naturally fragile capillaries, conditioned by the elements (sudden variations in temperature, wind, sun, cold, heat and pollution), with redness that can, with time, develop into couperose.
3D 360° Face Lifting (RF)

The avant-garde treatment with active ingredients combine with Oligo-peptide material, gives a genuine 3 dimensional lifting. Resulting from Sensol’s latest cosmetology discoveries, it tightens skin by stimulating Collagen Productions for an immediate and long lasting lifting effect and reshaping the perfect face outline.
Instant Lightening - Say No to *Melanin* (RF)

The unique technology which targets to reduce the appearance of dark spots, while a combination of DermaLight? Complex & SeCollegen? Complex helps even and brightening the complexion. The Light Up? Program leaves skin hydrated, revealing flawless skin tone and exceptional luminosity.

Delivery 99% high-concentrated serum into each layer of skin with Nano penetration technology and 4 types of DNA electroporation systems. Visibly reduces existing pigmentation spot, regenerates the tissues to firm and smooth skin and prevents appear acne of new one and It was found that the absorption rate of Electroporation therapy is 4000 times higher than normal.

O2jet Program combines with oxygen injection and spray technology, which reduces the intensity of the muscle contractions. Highly-effective Collagen amplifiers tighten and support the skin; lighten unattractive pigment spots, protection from sunlight slows down melanin production and lightens existing dark spots. Gentle and effectively prevent and treat age spots and pigment problem; promote the new formation of collagen and the growth of new cells, enhance skin elasticity and tone which gives a fresh and younger look.

Cell Recovery Program is based on “NOs” and DNA Recovery theories, which was specially formulated to prevent and reduce the undesired side-effect of invasive treatment, such as IPL, LASER, RF and MRS. Improves overall skin conditions and prolongs desired treatment effects. Furthermore, these effective products are safe with maximum moisture and minimum irritation; revitalize skin with undamaged, protected, deeply hydrated, get brighter and healthier skin. It can also be used daily as resistance from harmful effects caused by “Nos”.

This breakthrough eye treatment kit provides the total solution for repairing skin damage around the delicate eye area. Significantly smooth the look of your eye area with all the groundbreaking, targeted SENSOL technology of Anti-Nos ComplexTM. Smooth it on and instantly brighten the look of dark circles. Keep your skin perfectly hydrated. You'll see a younger, more revitalized look return. A clinical test showed skin feels up to 60% softer with just one application.
Pnotilo (phytocosmetici)

Marine salts from the Mediterranean basin and essential oils both contained in a treatment which include as well thermo-active ingredients for strong blood circulation stimulation. Indicated for skin with skin blemishes caused by cellulite.

"Isola Benessere Vagheggi" is divided into three apparently separate sectors, but analysis of the whole shows that one theme follows another to stimulate deep-down well-being:

1st Theme: purifying - absorbing - regenerating action NO-TOX

2nd Theme: slimming - reducing action ADIP-EX

3rd Theme: revitalizing, redensifying and lifting action LIFT-UP
1st Theme: purifying - absorbing

Active ingredients and efficacy: - Andiroba (Carapa guianensis) is a tree typical of the Amazon area which produces white flowers. Cold pressing of the fruit's seeds gives a bitter-tasting oil with a colour ranging from yellow to light brown. The local population uses this oil as an anti-inflammatory. It has regenerating properties when applied to intoxicated inflamed skin, not caused by pathological reasons.

- Copaiba is a large tropical tree with small fragrant flowers. It produces a leathery legume containing just one seed. The essential oil can be obtained by cutting into the tree's bark and has very stimulating properties when applied to the skin.

- Cupuacu is a large plant that produces big flowers and a very nutritious fruit. The butter obtained from the fruit is light brown in colour, with a pleasant fragrance and magnificent properties when applied to the skin. It is creamy and emollient; it leaves the skin soft and beautifully smooth. It absorbs water and traps it on the skin to soften and moistrise.

- Shorea stenoptera is a large tree that grows in a great number of the humid rainy forests in Borneo. Cold pressing of the nut from this plant gives a solid fat, very stable to oxidisation, which helps to nourish and moisturise the skin.

- White clay from the Amazon is rich in unsaponifiable matter, nourishing substances for the skin and minerals such as Iron, Aluminium, Potassium, Calcium and Zinc. Itis a soil composite that slowly soaks up the numerous substances produced by the natural metabolism of local vegetation.
2nd Theme: slimming

Adip-ex – Target

New Adip-ex Target formula is a highly specific cream for the treatment of fatty deposits on the abdomen and hips. Conceived to treat the more difficult areas around the waist, the active principle, extract of the brown seaweed Phyllacantha fibrosa, acts specifically on abdominal adipocytes, burning up fatty deposits and preventing new ones from forming

Active principles and efficacy:

- Maris acqua, from the pureness of uncontaminated Antarctic waters for a remineralizing action;

- Maris limus, marine silt, from the depths of the ocean combined with innovative carrier tecknologies for an osmotic action;

- Durvillea antartica, a rare brown alga, extremely resistant, that grows only in the Kerguelen Island shores, washed by the purest of Antarctic waters, for a purifying action;

- Fucus vesiculosus, for a slimming and lypolitic action;

- Organic iodine, for a stimulating action (actives the lipolysis);

- Pure coffein, for a lypolitic and draining action;

- Aesculusippocastanum, protection of the blood vessels and draining properties.
3rd Theme: revitalizing

Active principles and efficacy:

- Corallina afficianalis: an intelligent alga, the main component of the coral reef and rich in calcium, it stimulates the formation of new collagen and has an elasticising effect;

- Lithothamnium calcareum: an alga that is extreamely rich in Calcium, Magnesium and Silicium, in a highly bio-available organic form. It improves synthesis of collagen and elastin, maintaining the elasticity of connective tissue;

- Sapphire: a precious powder, the gem of paradise (from the Persian Safir "belonging to Saturn"), with a revitalising and soothing action on the skin;

- Sweet almond proteins: tightening effect;

- Ginseng: energising effect.

reducing, anti cellulite*, redensifying

It provides luxurious and effective stimulation for your skin. Sophisticated massage strokes inspired by ancient eastern knowledge result in new-found sculptured body shape; heat from the earth relieves tension and relaxes joints.
Deep Sea Salt Body Scrub

The natural sea salt is a coarse salt, allowing the body to sweat, to help to excreted the extra water. Moreover, since a lot of sea salt inside itself mixed with natural seaweed ingredients, seaweed and great edema experts we know. In addition to Ms. itself troubled, pregnant, pregnant woman, perennial high heels separated feet, are ideally suited to resolve edema trouble with sea salt, or with essential oil body scrub products, as well as to enhance fat metabolism, eliminate the additional effect of the excess water.
Deep Sea SeaWeed Mud Treatment

(1) to increase water-holding capacity of the skin, promote skin even more beautiful and it will not causeallergic reactions.

(2) increase in skin tightening and flexibility, so that the loosen skin back to the young state, and therefore it can also help toremove wrinkles.

(3) increase the skin's immune protective effect. Repair the spots caused by sunburn andlack of sleep.

(4) due to water retention and tightening of the dual role of the dry and oily skin secretion can be improved to make it gradually tends to neutral skin and to promote the pores shrink compact.

(5) by the memory function of cell shape, make up the collagen, allows defect or dented skin returned to normal appearance.

(6) have shown improvement and the role of extended acne scars, intradermal or subcutaneous tissue damage, epithelial shrinkage, the depth of wrinkles or other soft tissue defects. Suitable for oily / acne / redness of the skin, balance oil secretion, anti-inflammatory effect of sterilization, with special effects of acne.
Seabed mineral mud

Nutrition experts say: The human body is a wonderful combination of mineral elements and water, the various mineral elements in the human body, in addition to carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen in organic compounds in the form, the content of the remaining elements more calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, seven kinds.They are the essential elements of life activity and growth and development and maintain the body's normal physiological function, but also the beauty of human body and health is an indispensable material.In addition to these "major elements", the body also contains iron, zinc, iodine, selenium, manganese and other 14 kinds of trace elements in vivo is an important part of a variety of hormones, vitamins and nucleic acids, is the activator of many enzyme systemsor cofactors involved in the metabolic processes of living matter.In skin care, these salts and trace elements also plays an important role.When the body is insufficient supply, it will affect the metabolism, resulting in skin dysfunction.

Although many foods contain mineral elements, such as most of the seafood, zinc, sodium and other protein foods, but not mean that the intake of containing the mineral-rich food, you do not use skin care products containing mineral composition.?Beauty Advisor Sun Xiaojie explained eat minerals beneficial to the entire balance of the body, but because the skin is a dynamic physiological system, there is a certain cycle metabolism, so the benefits of the food intake of minerals, One set immediatereflected in the skin.Skin care products containing mineral refinement is directly applied where it is needed, therefore bear fruit more quickly and significantly.

What are the elements of mineral skin care?
  • Iron --- to provide oxygen to cells, promotes cell respiration
  • Magnesium --- to promote cell regeneration
  • Manganese --- antioxidant
  • Si --- to promote cell regeneration
  • Calcium --- protect the skin tissue

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